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CRISTINA CRUZ1The paper “Socioemotional Wealth in Family  Firms: Theoretical Dimensions, Assessment Approaches, and Agenda for Future Research” by Professor Cristina Cruz with Pascual Berrone and Luis Gómez Mejía, has been granted for the Family Business Review Best Paper Honorable Mention Award.

Jie Mein Goh Bio-WebThe paper “Information Technology and Firm Profitability: Mechanisms and Empirical Evidence” by Professor Jie Mein Goh with Sunil Mithas, Ali Tafti and Indranil Bardhan, has won the European Research Paper of the Year Award 2013 by CIOCITY

XXIIE Business School is proud to host the XXI Finance Forum. The Forum is the annual meeting of the Spanish Finance Association (AEFIN), publisher of the Spanish Review of Financial Economics. We invite academics and professionals in the area of financial economics to submit their work. The Forum will be held at IE Business School campus in Segovia on November 14th and 15th, 2013. For more information click here

Peter-BryantProfessor Peter Bryant has been appointed as Editorial Review Board Member of Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice and the Journal of Business Venturing.

JEI 2013The IE University is pleased to host the XXVIII Jornadas de Economía Industrial, which will take place the 5ht and 6th of September 2013 in Segovia, Spain. We would like to invite all interested researchers in the wider field of industrial economics to submit their papers. For more information click here.

Professor Emilio Illarregui, has worked as an expert for the research project  “Segovia Subterránea” carried out María Ángeles Santos Pérez, José Antonio Santos Pérez and Enrique Pérez Sánchez and where it has tested a new technique to find ground anomalies, electrical tomography. 

IE University has held the Fourth Edition of Entrepreneurship Course taught by professors Cristina Cruz and Rachida Justo. This course is part of the knowledge transfer University-Business project (TCUE), supported by the Fundación de Universidades de Castilla y León.

The research project “Analysis of Happiness and the Crisis Impact: International Considerations” which professor Gayle Allard is a member, has been awarded  by the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad.

Professor Marie Jose Garot has been appointed by European Commission as headline of the Chair Jean Monnet-IE.

Professor Antti Tenhiälä has been appointed as Editorial Review Board Member of Journal of Operations Management.

The paper  “Preempting attacks on legitimacy: Evidence from the Biometrics Industry” by Professor Laura Illia with Karan Sonpar, has been  finalist  for Best Paper European Group for Organization Studies (EGOS) Conference 2011 .

The paper “Stop Designing Architecture, design your practice” by Professor Juan Lago-Novas Domingo has been chosen as one of the twenty to present in the International Congress of Architecture “RE-Scripting Architecture”.

The paper  “Holding On To The Highly Skilled: How The Gap Between Employees’ Own Development Priorities And  Organizational Practices Affects Organizational Commitment”  written by Monika Hamori with Jie Cao, was nominated as Best Paper  in the track  of HRM in the Academy of Management Conference .

In Addition, the paper “Career advancement in large organizations in Europe and the United States: do international assignments add value?” written by Monika Hamori with Burak Koyuncu, was nominated as top 3 finalist in the International HR Scholarly Achievement Award of the Academy of Management.

Professor Garen Markarian with Belén Gil de Albornoz has received the first Prize for his research “Income Smoothing and Idiosyncratic Volatility” in the Premios de Investigación y Estudios Fundación Estudios Financieros 2012.

The papers “The effects of collective quits and dismissals on performance in retail units: A panel data analysis” and “The Research-Practice Gap in HR: A Cross-Cultural Study” written by Professor Cristina Simón with Sivatte, I and Olmos, R. and Cristina Simón, Tenhiälä, A., Giluk, T, Oh, I. and Kepes, S. respectively have been selected as Best Paper  in the track  of HRM in the Academy of Management Conference 2012.

The paper “Building a corporate image through identity stories: an empirical investigation” by Professor Laura Illia with Alessandra Zamparini, has been awarded the Best Paper Award in the 16th Annual Global  Conference on Reputation, Brand, Identity and Competitiveness.

Professor Zhijian Cui has received the Best Dissertation Award in the 2012 TMS Dissertation Contest of INFORMS, for his PhD dissertation “Management of Collaborations and Conflicts in New Product Development”.

And, Professor Zhijian Cui has been appointed as Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Business Analytics.  

The paper “Dynamic Network and Asset Pricing” by Professor Paolo Porchia with Andrea Buraschi, has been granted the Nyse/Euronext Paper Award in the European Financial Management Association 2012 Annual Meetings.

The paper “Effects of ERP System-Based Manufacturing Planning and Control in Dynamic Operating Environments.” written by Professor Antti Tenhiälä with Pekka Helkiö has accepted to the Best Paper Proceedings of the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management.

In Addition this paper has been selected as finalist in the Chan K. Hahn Distinguished Paper Award.

Laura Illia Professor of Communication has been appointed as Editorial Board Member of  Business and Society.

Professor Emilio Illarregui of Archaeology Unit has just returned from his visiting at the University of Warsaw, in the Center for Research on Southeast Europe at the University of Warsaw, within the Erasmus framework.

Professors Cesáreo Pérez, Emilio Illarregui and Pablo  Arribas  of Archaeology Unit has been participated in VII Simposio sobre los celtiberos and  in Internacional Colloquium ¿Crisis urbana a finales del alto imperio? La evolución de los espacios cívicos en el occidente romano en tiempos de cambio (S.II-IV cd).

Amrou Awaysheh Professor of Operations has been appointed as Editorial Review Board of International Journal of Integrated Supply Management  (IJISM).

Victor Torre de Silva Professor of Law received the top score on his doctoral thesis “La Responsabilidad Patrimonial de la Administración en Materia de Seguridad Ciudadana”  in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

At the end of 2011, Víctor Bohorquez has been graduated at IE Business School.

PhD: Víctor Bohorquez

Dissertation: Reshaping the It Adoption Outcomes: Definition of It Innovation Frames as a Way to Identify Different Stakeholders’ Perceptions of Innovation

Advisor: José Esteves

Margarita Mayo Professor of Human Resources has been appointed as Vice-President of EURAM.

Professor Fabrizio Salvador has been appointed as Associate Editor of Journal of Operations Management.

 In addition, Professor Fabrizio has been the Shan Han Best Paper Award Finalist in the Academy of Management Conference 2011.

Recently, with F. Piller , has been Keynote Speaker in the University of California, Berkley with the paperMatter of Balance: Building the Successful Mass Customization Enterprise” . 

On November 22, 2011, the Archaeology  Unit of the IE University presented a jewel 3000 years old , discovered in the excavations carried out in “The Azafranal” Coca. Professor Cesáreo Pérez  whit Juan Francisco Blanco García, have decided to disclose the discovery after a decade of research of the piece found out in 1999.

Professor Antti Tenhiälä has received the Best Reviewer Award in the Academy of Management Conference 2011.

On July 6, 2011, Professor Emilio Illarregui participated in the VII Meeting of Roman Sculpture in Hispania with the paper “Un Retrato Romano en Terracota de Bercial de Zapardiel (Ávila)”.

Professor Francisco López has been awarded with Jonathan Welch Case Award for the case “Autopistas del Centro” presented at the 2011 Annual Conference of the NACRA.

The last conferences of Professor Francisco Marcos:

XVIIIth CLaSF Workshop: Current Competition Law Research with the paper “Why There Might not be Many Damage Claims Arising from the Spanish Property Insurance Cartel?”

Conferencia Sobre Política de la Competencia, with the paper “Evaluación de las legislaciones desde el punto de vista de la competencia y la función de recomendación a los Poderes Públicos: visiones cruzadas”.

International Conference, Costs and Benefits of Decentralisation – A comparative Perspective, with professor Juan Santaló,  with the paper “La unidad de mercado en un Estado descentralizado”

III Congreso Nacional de Distribución Comercial y Derecho de la Competencia, with the paper “Competencias autonómicas en los procesos de Concentración empresarial”

II Encuentro de Jóvenes Investigadores Sobre Derecho de la Competencia,  Derecho de la Competencia Y Protección de Consumidores, with the paper “Coincidencias, Divergencias y Conflictos entre la defensa de la competencia y la protección de consumidores y usuarios”.

On November 22, 2011, Adjuncts Professors Ignacio Somalo y Guillermo de Haro with the support of ICEX and AEEDE, presented the case “BuyVIP, La Internationalization of Spanish Dot Com ”.  The event was attended by Gustavo García Brusilovsky, BuyVIP Founder and CEO.

Professor Kiron Ravindran has awarded the DeSanctis Award in the 2011 Academy Of Management Annual Meeting.

Professor Marie Jose Garot presented the paper “EU Citizenship after Ruiz Zambrano: how many rights are there in a status?” in the Conferencia Internacional sobre el Derecho de la Unión Europea.

Last September 2011,  six PhD’s graduated at IE Business School.

PhD: Verónica Villena

Dissertation: Two Facets of Collaborative Buyer-Supplier Relationships Social Capital versus Social Liability

Advisors: Elena Revilla and Thomas Y. Choi


PhD: Shainaz Firfiray

Dissertation: Work-Life Benefits: Can They Enhance Jobseeker Attraction And Employee Retention?

Advisor: Margarita Mayo


PhD: Helena González

Dissertation: Negative Emotions and Creativity in Team Contexts: A Regulatory Focus Approach

Advisor: Andreas Richter


DBA: Maria Gabriela Alvarado

Dissertation: The Effects of Reputation’s Antecedents on Firms’ Strategic Choices: An Empirical Examination on the Influence of the Quality of Resources vs. the Opinions and Choices of Institutional Intermediaries

Advisor: Santiago Iñiguez


DBA: Manuel Ruiz

Dissertation: The Effect of Software Quality and Risks in Organizations: How Users can Prevent Software Errors and Risks              

Advisor: Oswaldo Lorenzo


DBA: Murat Ünal

Dissertation: The Small World of Islamic Finance – Multiple ties and Social Capital`s Impact on Board Membership

Advisor: Julio de Castro

The last conferences of Professor Pedro Pérez Olea:

Navarro-Castilla A, Barja I, Olea PP, Piñeiro A, Mateo-Tomás P, Silván G and Illera JC. 2011. Agriculture evokes physiological stress in a wild population of common vole (microtus arvalis). “Stress Responses – Molecules, Organisms, Environments”, Londres, 4-7 de Enero 2011. Póster

Mateo-Tomás, P. P. Olea 2011. The role of transhumance in the conservation of the upland ecosystems of the Cantabrian Mountains: a case study with vultures. 12th European Heathland Workshop, León 12-18 Junio 2011. Oral Comunication.

Pérez Fuertes, O. Sergio-García, T, Pérez Hidalgo N, Mateo-Tomás, P, Olea, PP. 2011. Effects of irrigation on Arthropod diversity in a Mediterranean agricultural landscape. 12th European Ecological Federation Congress. Avila, 25-29 September 2011. Póster.

Fagúndez J, Olea PP, Tejedo P, Mateo-Tomás P, Gómez D. 2011. Agricultural intensification through irrigation reduces plant species diversity in cultivated fields in a Mediterranean area. 12th European Ecological Federation Congress. Avila, 25-29 September 2011. Póster.

Fagúndez J, Olea PP, Tejedo P, Mateo-Tomás P, Gómez D, Castro V. Agriculture intensification through irrigation results in a decline of arable plants diversity in a Mediterranean area. XVIII International Botanical Congress, 23-30 July 2011, Melbourne, Australia. Póster.

Pérez Fuertes O, García-Tejero S, Pérez Hidalgo N, Mateo-Tomás P, Olea PP. 2011. Diferencias en la diversidad y composición de la comunidad de artrópodos en cultivos de trigo de regadío y secano en un área mediterránea. XXVIII Jornadas de la Asociación Española de Entomología-Ponferrada-6-8 Julio 2011. Comunicación Oral.

The article “B-School Research Examines the Business of Gift-Giving” in Businessweek, mentions some research related to consumer behavior, specifically carried out by Professor Daniel Corsten. For more information, click here

For take a look some academic conference that IE Business School’s Faculty and PhD Students will attend at 2011 summer, click here.

Teresa Serra, Professor of Marketing, received the top score (Sobresaliente Cum Laude) on her doctoral thesis “Tipologías de Marcas de la Distribución como Moderadoras de la Relación entre Cuota de Marcas de la Distribución y la Lealtad a la Cadena”. The thesis directed by Alberto Maydeu Olivares, Professor of Psychology at Universidad de Barcelona, has been defended at IE University on July 5, 2011.

The case “Novartis, Commercial Strategy for Success” written by Professor Teresa Serra and Claire Bastien, has won the 2010 EFMD Case Writing Competition in category Euro-Mediterranean Managerial Practices and Issues.


The paper “Supply Chain Innovation through Organizational Compatibility: Mediating Role of Absorptive Capacity” written by Professor Elena Revilla with María Jesús Sanz and Desiree Knoope, has been selected as a finalist for the 2011 Chan Hahn Best Paper Award of Academy of Management, Operations Management Division.

Professor Amrou Awaysheh has been appointed a member of the Editorial Review Board Journal of Operations Management.

Professor Matthias Seifert has been awarded the Toby Jackman Prize by St Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge, for the most outstanding PhD thesis submitted during the year 2009.

Professor Fabrizio Salvador has been appointed Associate Editor for the Journal of Operations Management.

Moreover, he has been named a 2011 Outstanding Conference Reviewer by Academy of Management Operations Management Division.

On June 1st, 2011, Carmelo Cennamo, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Business Planning, Master of Science at Bocconi University, delivered the following research seminary:


Quality Competition in Platform Markets: How does Product-Niche Competition Affect product Quality

Carmelo Cennamo, Phd by IE Business School, 2009, is one of the five finalist for the Academy of Management Best Dissertation Award in the Technology and Innovation Management division. His Dissertation Competitive Dynamics in Platform Markets was supervised by Professor Juan Santaló.

Title: Rethinking the Accounting Education & Teaching

PI: Paolo Quattrone

Financing Entity: Ministry of Science and Innovation (Complementary Actions)


Title: 10th Workshop on Finance in Madrid. Executive Compensation

PI: Juan Pedro Gómez 

Financing Entity: Ministry of Science and Innovation (Complementary Actions)


Title: Scaena Privata Ad Theodosiana Tempora: Los esquemas palatinos en Algunas Villas Meseteñas

PI: Cesáreo Pérez

Financing Entity: Education Council of the Junta de Castilla y León


Title: “One out of many” How emerge a regional brand from companies operating in the region

PI: Laura Illia

Financing Entity: Education Council of the Junta de Castilla y León



Title: Seminars-debate Blogeuropa. EU 2011, the achievements and development of the Trio Presidencies

PI: José María de Areilza

Financing Entity: Secretary of State for the European Union. Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Title: Mobility Grant for Students at Official Masters for 2010 / 2011 Academic Year

Financing Entity: Ministerio de Educación

Beneficiaries Masters: MBA

Student: Sèbastien Rezzonico


The doctoral thesis of Professor Inés Monteira titled “La escultura románica y la lucha contra el Islam (mediados del siglo XI – mediados del siglo XIII” directed by Professor Miguel Larrañaga, and defended in the Department of Humanities at the University Carlos III, has been awarded a special award of Ph.D. 2010, under resolution rectory of December 17, 2010.

New Lecture Series Fundación Ramón Areces / IE Business School. For more information click here.

On March 11, 2011, the Finance Research Center at IE Business School organized the panel discussion titled “(How) Should Executive Compensation Change? Lessons from the Recent Financial Crisis”. The panelist were:


Michael Brennan, Emeritus Professor of Finance, UCLA Anderson

Kevin Murphy, Kenneth L. Trefftzs Chair in Finance, MSB University of Southern California

Jon Terry, PwC Global Head of Financial Services Remuneration Practice

David Yermack, Albert Fingerhut Professor of Finance, NYU Stern


Moderator: Juan Pedro Gómez, Finance Research Center, IE Business School

Professor Antti Tenhiala has received a Highly Commended Award in the Operations and Production Management Category of the 2010 Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Awards.

On February 21, 2011, Professor Paolo Quattrone has participated as guest speaker to Lecture Series at National College of Ireland with the communication “Accounting for God: How the Jesuits Paved the Way for Modern Management”.

On April 2, 2011 will participate in the conference “Intangibles Immaterial Vectors, Agents, and Effects” organized by Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard, the Center for Science and Innovation at the University of California, Davis, and the Department of Law, London School of Economics, with the communication “The Unbearable Immateriality of Management Practices”.

And on April 8,2011 will participate in the conference “Rethinking Capitalim” at the University of Califonia Santa Cruz.

Custodia Cabanas, Professor of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior, received the top score on her doctoral thesis “Modelo de desarrollo de la carrera profesional: entretejiendo factores individuales y organizativos en busca de la felicidad”. The thesis directed by Mauro Guillén, Chair of The Wharton School, has been defended at IE University on February 21, 2011.

Julio Gómez Pomar, Director of PwC/IE Public Sector Centre, received the top score on his doctoral thesis “Análisis de los efectos de un marco público versus privado en el comportamiento altruista de los individuos en un escenario de negociación: un estudio experimental”. The thesis co-directed by Nuria Badenes Pla and María Teresa López López has been defended at Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Professor Margarita Mayo has been appointment Chair of a new Strategic Interest Group on Organizational Behavior by EURAM’s Executive Committee.

Professor Margarita Mayo will Chairman of the Track “Organizational Behavior: New Frontiers in the 21st Century” at EURAM, Tallinn, 1-4 June 2011.

Professor Pablo Tejedo presented the paper “Validating Visual Impact Methodologies with Public Participation Processes. Study Case: Using Image Collections to Assess Visual Impacts of Mobile Phone Masts in Spain” in the LIVING LANDSCAPE: The European Landscape Convention in Research Perspective Congress (Florence, October 2010).


Again professor Pablo Tejedo will participate in a research project that will take him to Antarctica (2010-2011 edition). The objective of this research is the study of the influence of human activity on Antarctic ecosystems by the increasing development of tourism in the area.

On 27 October 2010, the research group led by Javier Carrillo presented, its work in an OECD Workshop on green growth and eco-innovation at the OECD headquarters in Paris.

Professors Jesús A. Gómez Ochoa y Alberto Labarga, have coordinated a course on management of human genetic information by supercomputing has met to fifty national and international researchers from 23 to 26 November 2010.


The course organized by the Fundación Centro de Supercomputación de Castilla y León and IE University, has been financed by Fundación Genoma España.

Professor Matthias Seifert has won SAS-IIF research grant to carry out a research project entitled “Time Series Forecasting: The Contribution of Task, Decision Support and Cognitive Factors in Judgmental Effectiveness”. The results will appear in the International Journal of Forecasting. In this project also involved the Professor Lee Newman (School of Psychology) and the doctoral student Florian Federspiel.


Moreover, Matthias has been appointed as member of the Editorial Board for the journal Decision Analysis published by INFORMS.

Professors Cesáreo Pérez, Emilio Illarregui y Pablo Arribas have participated in the XIV Congreso Nacional de Numismática last October 2010 in Nules (Castellón), with a communication about  Caligula’s mintings  and the distribution around north of the Spain.

Professor Paolo Quattrone has been invited as guest speaker to workshop: “Intangibles: the Life of Immaterial Things” at Harvard Humanities Center, Harvard University.

Professor Amrou Awaysheh has been appointed a member of the Editorial Review Board on the Journal of Supply Chain Management (JSCM).

Professor Mikko Ketokivi has been appointed a member of the Editorial Board for Academy of Management Review.

Title: Learning Spaces: Spatial Conditions for Innovation in Business Education and Practice

PI: Paolo Quattrone

Financing Entity: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación


TitleVI Conference Art and Science of Services

PI: Fabrizio Salvador

Financing Entity: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

The Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (CIS), has selected the offer “¿Qué procesos políticos queremos?: El apoyo a una democracia invisible en España”, led by Joan Font Fábregas’s team and Professor Magdalena Wojcieszak is a member, to conduct a survey module.

Professor Antti Tenhiälä’s Doctoral Thesis has been nominated as a finalist, and selected as an Honorable Mention in DSI 2010 Elwwod S. Buffa Doctoral Dissertation Competition. The advisor of this thesis has been the Professor Mikko Ketokivi.

Just published the research report “CSR Communication: Exploring European Cross National Differences and Tendencies” authored by Professor Laura Illia with her team, and University of Cambridge, Fondazione Università IULM and Global Alliance.

On the other hand, Laura has won the best reviewer award for Management and Organizational Cognition Division of Academy of Management Conference 2010 and she has received the Best Reviewer Award 2010 from Corporate Communication: An International Journal.

Professor Pablo Tejedo has been selected for inclusion in the next edition of “Who is Who in Science and Engineering, 2011-2012 (11th Edition)”. This publication containing the biographies of approximately 40,000 men and women leading today’s scientific and technological revolution and featuring personal and career histories, education, achievements and memberships. Release date: December 2010.

The Adjunct Professors María José Ferrari y Patricia Villarruel take part of research project with Jaime Otero, Principal Investigator in Language and Culture Spanish think tank of Real Instituto Elcano.

Professor Paolo Quattrone has been invited by HEC to present his paper “In Praise of Doubt. Elements to Rethink Business Studies”. He has also been invited as keynote speaker at the conference on “Visualization in the Age of Computerization” at the University of Oxford.

In June-July 2010, four PhD’s graduated at IE Business School.

PhD: Carmelo Cennamo

Dissertation: Competitive Dynamics in Platform Markets

Advisor: Juan Santaló

Next Activity: Assistant Professor, Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Italy.


PhD: Burak Koyuncu

Dissertation: The Changing Road to the Top: A Contemporary Look at the Determinants of CEO Career Success

Advisor: Monika Hamori

Next Activity: Assistant Professor, Université de Rouen, France.


PhD: Yiyi Jiang

Dissertation: Examining the Role of Fundamental and technical Analysis in Evolving Computational Trading Systems

Advisor: Laura Nuñez

Next Activity: Private Banking, Switzerland.


PhD: Anil Akpinar

Dissertation: Three Essays on Organizaitonal Flexibility: Operational, Organizational and Individual Perspectives

Advisor: Fabrizio Salvador

Next Activity: Assistant Professor, Tilburg University, Holanda.

The article “Division Director versus CEO Compensation: New Insights into the Determinants of Executive Pay” authored by Professors Juan Santaló y Carl Kock has been selected as one of the 50 best articles published in 2009 in management, and has therefore won an Emerald Management Reviews Citation of Excellence.

The Professor Peter Bryant has been appointed a Member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of Small Business Management.

On the other hand, Peter has won the best reviewer award for Business Policy and Strategy Division of Academy of Management Conference 2010.

On May 3-4 took place on the Segovia campus the International Conference “Reinventing Higher Education” organized by IE University. Attendees included rectors and presidents of universities, as well as media groups and businesses, from China, US, UK, Germany, Italy, Hungary, France, Finland, Mexico, Colombia and Spain. The Conference is part of the Knowledge Transfer Firm-University Project (T-CUE), which participates IE University through a contract with the Universities of Castilla y León Foundation. This project is driven by the Junta de Castilla y León through the Counselling of Education, under the Firm-University Strategy 2008-2011. MoreMore

The Center for European Studies at IE University has just launched its website. The center, intended as a reference for multidisciplinary studies on European integration, organizes conferences and seminars. The center promotes teaching and research in various aspects of European integration process.

Professor Luis Diestre have been appointed as member of the Editorial Review Board of Academy of Management Journal.

Professor Magdalena Wojcieszak shall be appointed as member of Editorial Board of International Journal of Public Opinion Research.

Rosario Silva, professor of Strategy, received the top score on her doctoral thesis “La diferenciación en el sector hotelero español: la relación entre los tipos de diferenciación y competencia y sus efectos en precios y beneficios”. The thesis co-directed by Manuel Becerra (IE Business School) and Isabel Gutiérrez (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) has been defended at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

IE Business School has received the 9th European Conference on Research Methods in Business and Management (ECRM), and the Professor José Esteves has been the Conference Chair.


The conference met 100 participants from 24 countries, were presented 74 papers and had got guest speakers as Juhani Livari (Senior Editor MISQ), Eileen Trauth (Associate Editor MISQ) and Michael Myers (Professor of Information Systems at University of Auckland y Editor of important journals).

Professors Cesáreo Pérez and Emilio Illarregui have been invited by academics from the University of Lisbon and they has given several lectures on Roman Archaeology and Ceramic Production in Roman Hispania.

The past 24-25 March , 2010 was held at IE University’s Segovia campus the Symposium “Transnational Connection: Chanllenges and Opportunities for Political Communication” involving over one hundred professionals and academics.


IE School of Communication organized the symposium in collaboration with leading international organizations: Center for Global Communication Studies of Annenberg School for Communication, International Communication Association (ICA), World Association of Public Opinion Research (WAPOR), International Political Science Association (IPSA), International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) and the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA).

On April 19th there will be the first activity organized by IE Business School and Ramón Areces Foundation within the collaboration agreement recently signed between the two institutions.

The general theme of the series is: Managing the Crisis: Business Strategies to Face the Economic Crisis

To consult the program, click here.

I Madrid Marketing Workshop is a joint initiative of marketing faculty of three Madrid-based academic institutions: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Instituto de Empresa and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. The event is funded by the Comunidad de Madrid through its program S2007/HUM-0413 and will be attended by leading experts in the field of marketing and decision making: Rajesh Chandy, London Business School; Eitan Gerstner, Israel Institute of Technology and Ana Valenzuela, Baruch College de CUNY, Nueva York.

Oksana Koryak successfully defended her Dissertation on the 2nd  of February. Her advisors were Professor Laura Núñez and Professor Julio de Castro. The Dissertation is entitled “A Behavioral Model of Risk Taking by Venture Capital Firms”. Oksana is our forth student who graduates from IE Business School PhD Program.

Professor Lee Newman’s research “Decision Making under Uncertainty: Revealing, Characterizing and Modeling Individual Differences in the Iowa Gambling Task” was chosen by the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, USA) to receive the Marquis Award for best doctoral dissertation in Psychology.  This work utilized experimental and computational methods to investigate the psychology of human decision making in a gambling task that is widely used to study behavior in healthy and clinical populations.

Marco Trombetta, Professor in Accounting and Vice-Dean of Research at IE Business School, will participate in the program organized by The Advanced School of Economics, Ca Foscari University of Venice and the PhD School in Economics and Management of the Università of Padova with the session: Accounting and Capital Markets: The Strategic Plan Presentation.

Professor Paolo Quattrone have been appointed as member of the Editorial Board of Accounting, Organizations and Society.

Professor Garen Markarian have been appointed as member of the Editorial Board of Issues in Accounting Education.

Marie-José Garot, Professor of EU Law and Director of the Center for European Studies/IE, gave a lecture the  11th of March on the “Lisbon Treaty and the future of the European Union” at East China University of Political Science and Law, invited by Professor Min He, Vice-Dean and Director of the Research Institute of Social Sciences.

The papers “The Drivers of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Adoption: The Case of Africa” and “Entrepreneurship in Africa: The Role of Information & Communication Technology” authored by Professor Gayle Allard and Professor Candace A. Martínez, (John cook School of Business – St. Louis University) have been accepted for 10th International Academy of E-Business and Whitman School of Management Conference respectively.

The papers “Identifying SCM Concepts and Stakeholder Discourse in GM Corporate Blog”  authored by Professors José Esteves and Ángel Díaz and the PhD Candidate Victor Bohorquez and “Neither radical, nor Incremental: Dual-Stakeholder Perspective of Innovation Management” authored by José Esteves and  Victor Bohorquez have been accepted in Academy of Management Conference, 2010.

Cesáreo Pérez, Emilio Illarregui y Pablo Arribas, Archeology Unit of IE University, conducted a conference on “Numismatics and Tiermes Forum” at the Fourth Peninsular Meeting of Old Numismatics (EPNA).

Magdalena Wojcieszak has been invited to present her research for the Department of Life Sciences Communication and at the Department of Political Science at University of Wisconsin (Madison, USA). Her presentation will be titled “When Deliberation Divides: How People with Strong Views Respond to Political Disagreement”. 

The article “Bottoms up: Great Bustards Use the Sun to Maximise Signal Efficacy” authored by Professor Pedro Pérez Olea, Casas, F., Redpath, S. y Viñuela, J. published in Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology has been covered on BBC News.

Complementary Actions:


Title: International Conference on European Space for Higher Education

PI: José Mª de Areilza


Title: Workshop: Transnational Connections: Challenges and Opportunities of Communication

PI: Magdalena Wojcieszak


Title: 9th European Conference on Research Methodology for Business and Management Studies

PI: José Esteves Sousa


Title: IV International Symposium and Workshop on Supply Chain Management

PI: Ángel Díaz Matalobos

The Professor Matthias Seifert research “Intuition and Rationality in Managerial Decision Behaviour”  has been chosen, by the Editor(s) of Management Decision, as the winner of the 2009 Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Award in the Management and Governance category.

The article “Figuring What’s Fair: The Cost of Equity for Renewable Energy in Emerging Markets” written by Professor Laura Nuñez y DBA Candidate Charles Donovan has been accepted for International Research Conference “Understanding Strategic Choices for Renewable Energy Investment – Latest Evidence from Research and Implications for Theory and Practice” organized by the University of St. Gallen, in Switzerland, for the next February 11-12, 2010.

Jean-Noël Dollet della Monta becomes the first DBA graduate after successfully defending his thesis entitled “Multi-level  Network Management as a main Business Driver of Luxury Companies” on December 16 in IE Business School.

Jean-Noël is being tutored by professor Angel Díaz.

fernando moralProfessor Fernando Moral has designed a City Hall in Joarilla de las Matas. The publication Conarquitectura includes the project report.

MLUZDIAGOProfessor Mª Luz Diago, has been Doctoral Committee Member of the thesis “Utilización de cultivos celulares de Oncothyncus mykiss para el estudio de la acción y para la selección de agentes inmunoestimulantes utilizables en acuicultura” of Molecular Biology Department, University of León, Spain. The dissertation was on October 30.

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