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Dear fellow researchers,

Welcome to the last issue of our Research Newsletter before our summer break.

As usual, many of us will use few days of the break to attend some of the most important academic conferences around the world. You will find more details in the newsletter. In the digital era somebody may question the need to attend academic conferences in person. We can have on-line videoconferences, chats, lectures, discussions etc…These tools have certainly made international research collaborations easier. However, it is still important from time to time to meet your peers in person and to present your work at arms’ length and not only remotely. Moreover only at these meetings researchers have the opportunity to establish personal relationships and friendships that help a lot at consolidating the joint research work.  At many of these conferences our researchers play a prominent role and get important rewards. So we should be really happy that an important number of IE representatives from different areas and of all seniorities will reaffirm our status as a center of excellence, in person, throughout the world. And we should be happy that our success in securing external research grants together with the direct support of IE assures that adequate funding for these trips is always available. It is also thanks to the relationships established through these academic trips around the world that we are able to organize the impressive series of research seminar reported in the newsletter. I would like to thank Garen Markarian and all the other people involved for putting together this outstanding series of talks.

We are getting used to a constant flow of publications in international journals and we run the risk of taking them for granted. But this is not the case. Behind every publication there is always a great effort by the authors and I want to congratulate all those that have managed to reach this stage of the research process. The publications mentioned in this newsletter together we all those that have been mentioned in the previous issues, especially those included in the Top IE list, allow us to look behind at the past academic year with satisfaction. We have taken another important step towards the top ranks of research excellence. So enjoy the summer break, take some well deserved rest, recharge your batteries because………..we can and we want to do even more next year!

Best wishes,

Marco Trombetta

Vice-Dean of Research



                         Grants and Awards

                                 New grants        

                          Top IE Publications

                                 Daniel Corsten

                                 Taiyuan Wang

                                 Isaac Dinner

                                 Garen Markarian

                          Other Publications

                                 Isaac Dinner

                                 Tara Wernsing

                                 Mahmoud Ezzamel

                                 Fabrizio Salvador

                                 Garen Markarian

                                 Francisco Marcos

                                José Esteves

                                Ángel Díaz

                                Mercedes Costa

                                Magdalena Wojcieszak

                                Laura Maguire

                                Manuel Alonso Coto

                                Laura Illia

                                Erik Schlie


                                  2011 Summer Conferences

                                  Teresa Serra

                                  Elena Revilla

                                 Amrou Awaysheh

                                 Matthias Seifert

                                 Fabrizio Salvador

                                 Fabio Trojani

                                 Kevin Corley

                                 Gillian Ku

                                 José Manuel Romero Moreno

                                 Ayse Karaevli

                                 Eli Amir

                                 Christof Beuselinck

                                 Harald Hau

                                 John Mathews

                                 Roberto Ragozzino

                                 Michael Brennan

                                 Ole-Kristian Hope

                                 Philippe Delquié

                                 Carmelo Cennamo

                                 David Cooper

                                 Carlos Ramírez

                                 Joachim Krueger

                                 Natalia Karelaia

                                 Sasson Bar-Yosef

                                 Sophie Manigart

                                 Kenneth K. Boyer

                                 Paolo Porchia y Pedro Gete

                                 Scott Sampson

                                 Rene Caldentey


                                  Call for Papers


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