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MARCO TROMBETTADear fellow researchers,

I hope you all had a wonderful break in August.

Here we are again with many exciting news.

In our publications section you will find a lot of good news. Among these I would like to highlight the acceptance for publication of the joint work of Monika Hamori and Burak Koyuncu. This publication stems out of the joint work between a senior member of the faculty and a PhD candidate. Results like this prove the excellent level reached by our PhD program and the crucial importance played by this program in stimulating our research environment. 

We also celebrate our successes in various competitive bids for research funding. All our bids submitted to the Spanish National Research Program have been financed. Moreover Fabrizio Salvador has obtained funding from a very competitive European Union program to sponsor PhD students in Operations. I want to thank all the people involved in these bids. Their efforts have not been in vain.

Judging from the number of awards received it seems that the granting of the awards for best reviewers for the Academy of Management is an IE internal affair! Of course this is not the case and these multiple achievements show the prominent role already reached by our school as a reference for research in management.

I cannot think of a better way to start a new academic year.

You can find more exciting news about research by following the links to the different sections of the newsletter.

Best wishes for all your research projects,


Marco Trombetta

Vice-Dean for Research




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