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On May 22 IE University presented the areas of research expertise of its professors to local businesses, business organizations and to the main universities of the region. The conference, organized by the Vice-Chancellorship of  Research for IE University and financed by the Junta of Castilla y León, was attended by 80 researchers focused on the University-Business Knowledge Transfer Project (Project T-CUE), promoted by the Junta´s Department of Education as part of the University-Business 2008-2011 Strategy. The main universities of Castilla y León are also participating in this project. MoreMore

The L´Oréal-UNESCO  Award “For Women in Science” is a pioneering international project established with a commitment to advance the work of women scientists all over the world.

The call for the 4th edition of the Research Grants L´Oréal-UNESTO “For Women in Science” in Spain has just been issued, for female scientists under 40 with doctoral degrees, who are involved in the development of a project related with Life Sciences in Spain in 2010. This initiative is being supported both by UNESCO and the Ministry of Science and Innovation. 







Financing entity: Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT)

Project: Celebration of the Activities of IE University as part of the Science and Technology Week

 Main Researcher: Jesús Gómez Ochoa

Professor Javier Ignacio García has just published the book “Crisis e Instrumentos Militares de Gestión de Crisis: Adaptación tras la Guerra Fría”, Ministry of Defense, Madrid, 2009.

He has also obtained financing from the Board of Castilla y León for the development of a research project titled: La “Acción Exterior” de las Comunidades Autónomas como actores subestatales: análisis y perspectivas de la Comunidad Autónoma de Castilla y León.

Main researcher: Javier Ignacio García González 

Financing entity: Ministry of Education, Council of Castilla y León, Support Program For Research Projects.

The article “Building Dynamic Capabilities in Product Development: How do Contextual Antecedents Matter?”, coauthored by Professor Elena Revilla has been accepted for publication in the Scandinavian Journal of Management.

Professor Marie Jose Garot’s article El poder judicial en China: ¿Independiente y Eficaz?has just been published in InDret.

The article “Jouer le Trace: la Fuga de X”, authored by Professor José Vela, has been published in Revista Despalabro.

The article “Achieving Work-Family Balance Among Spanish Managers and Their Spouses: A Demands-Control Perspective” authored by Margarita Mayo, has been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Human Resources Management.

The article “Bridging the Divide or Intensifying the Conflict? How Disagreement Affects Strong Predilections about Sexual Minorities”, authored by Professor Magdalena Wojcieszak along with Vicent Price, from the Annenbert School of Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, has been accepted for publication in Political Psychology.

Santiago López Navía, Director of the Department of Hispanic Studies at IE University has published the entries “Hombre” and “Hombre Vestido de Mujer”, in the sixth volume of the Great Encyclopedia Cervantina, Castalia Publishing House.

Among his upcoming activities as a “cervantista”, he will participate in the 7th International Conference of the Cervantistas Association in Münster, Germany in the fall.

The following articles authored by Professor Pedro Pérez Olea and Biology Professor Patricia Mateo-Tomás (School of Biology, University of León) The Role of Traditional Farming Practices in Ecosystem Conservation: The Case of Transhumance and Vulturesand Combining Scales in Habitat Models to Improve Conservation Planning in an Endangered Vulture, have been published in Biological Conservation and Acta Oecológica each.

In addition, Pedro has co-directed the doctoral thesis entitled “Gestión y conservación de buitres en la Cordillera Cantábrica”, which was defended on May 7, 2009, and which received a unanimous cum laude “A” grade.

The article “The Dog that Did Not Bark: Insider Trading and Crashes”, authored by Associate Professor José Marín has been registered in the SSRN Top Ten download list.

He has also been nominated member of the Evaluating Committee of the Ramón y Cajal y Juan de la Cierva scholarships, sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Innovation. 

Professor Fernando Villaseñor has initiated a two year long post-doctoral research project awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology. During the first year he will be at the Warburg Institute (London University), a pioneering center in iconographic studies, and the second year he will stay at the Center for Medieval Studies, at Fordham University, New York. MoreMore

The Department of Archeology at IE University, supervised by Cesáreo Pérez, attended the 11th International Symposium on Roman and Provincial Art, which was centered around the following theme: Roma y las Provincias: modelo y difusión (Rome and Provinces: Model and Diffusion). The symposium presented the results of the research work entitled Cauca: Arquitectura Monumental Tardoantigua, which was developed in the Pizarras site in Coca, Segovia.


In addition, the Department of Archeology has also attended the 9th ASMOSIA International Conference. The organization intends to build an updated reference for this field of research entitled Interdisciplinary Studies on Ancient Stone, and thus contribute to the diffusion of scientific knowledge on architectural and cultural heritage in stone (buildings, sculptures, sarcophagi, etc.) in the territories of Ancient Europe and the Near East.

In its ninth edition, this organization has chosen the candidate and former capital of the province Tarraconensis of Hispania, thus putting together the first conference of these characteristics to take place in Spain.

In cooperation with the ICAC (Catalonian Institute of Classical Antiquity) team, the members of the Department of Archeology revealed the results of the analysis of the material on the Pizarras site, entitled: Marmoreal Representation of Las Pizarras (Cauca, Segovia): a Roman Site”.


The paper entitled “Laboratory of Reflexive Architecture (LAR)”, delivered by Professors Miguel Jaime and Eugenia López Reus has been accepted for presentation and publication at the 1st Conference on University Teaching, which will take place in Vigo on July 2-4, and will be sponsored by the universities of Vigo, Santiago de Compostela and La Coruña.

Cristina Cruz’s article “Saving Face: Why Family Firms Pollute Less?”, authored with Pascual Berrone, Luis Gómez Mejía and Martín Larraza, received the Best Paper Award at the EURAM (European Management Meeting 2009).

Gregory Truman received the Claudio Ciborra Award at the ECIS (European Conference on Information Systems).

Professors María de la O del Santo and José Vela participated in the International Conference City Futures in a Globalising World: An International Conference on Globalism and Urban Change, in Madrid on June 4, 5 and 6, with the following paper: “Crossing the River : Native Space, Stranger Space, Urban Space”

Professor Concepción Díez-Pastor attended the 3rd Architectural and Urban Development Research Conference, which was held at the Technical Superior School of Architecture, with the paper “Arquitectura e investigación: Estado de la cuestión”.

On May 26 Associate Professor Carmen Abril (Marketing Department) presented her paper titled “The Impact of Store Brands and Manufacturer Brands in Consumer Acceptance of New Products” at the EMAC (European Marketing Association Conference) in Nantes, France.

PhD student, Burak Koyuncu, successfully defended his Thesis Proposal titled “The Changing Road to the Top: A Contemporary Look at the Determinants of CEO Career Success”, on May 25.

Burak Koyuncu is being tutored by Professor Monika Hamori.

PhD student Helena Viviana successfuly defended her Thesis Proposal entitled “Negative Emotions and Creativity: A Diary Study” on May 29.

Helena Viviana is tutored by Professor Andreas Richter.

PhD student Yiyi Jiang successfuly defended her Thesis Proposal “Efficient Market Hypothesis? Or Adaptative Market Hypothesis? A Test with Combination of Technical and Fundamental Analysis” on June 4.


Yiyi Jiang is being tutored by Professor Laura Nuñez.

On June 3 the Albertis Foundation organized a session evaluating the impact of  Tourism in the Antarctic were revealed. Pablo Tejedo participated in this project as a member of the research team. This project was sponsored by the Albertis Foundation and the Ministry of Science and Innovation, in cooperation with the Universidad  Autónoma of Barcelona, and the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid. Teresa Ribera, Secretary of State for Climate Change, also participated in the session.

Professor Rachida Justo has obtained the Doctoral Thesis Extraordinary Award in The Economic Sciences and Sociology Section at the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid.

Professor Laura Illia has been nominated as a member of the Editorial Committee of the Corporate Reputation Review publication.

In addition, Laura received the “Best Reviewer Award 2009” at the MOC (Management and Organizational Cognition) division at the Academy of Management 2009 Conference.

Professor Carmen Antuña will spend a trimester as a Visiting Researcher at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, where she will join a working group of experts in sustainability indicators concerning building. VTT is the largest multi-technological research centre in the north of Europe.

On May 20, Michael Gavillan, Professor at the Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University, delivered the research seminar entitled:

“An Analysis of Coauthorship Antecedents, Trends, and Outcomes in Business Research”

On May 25, Sezer Ulku, Professor of Operations Management at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University, delivered the research seminar entitled:


“Examining Product Modularity from a Behavioral Perspective: Do Consumers Properly Value Modularity”

On May 28, Professor of Finances at Babson College, Michael Goldstein, presented the research seminar entitled:

“Do Dividends Matter More in Declining Markets?”

On June 4, Enrique Ogliastri, Professor of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior at IE Business School and INCAE, presented the research seminar entitled:

“Strategy and Structure in Civil Society Organizations in Latin America and Spain: A Four-Stage Model”

On June 15, Sanjai Bhagat, Professor of Finance at the University of Colorado, delivered the research seminar entitled:

 “Corporate Governance and Firm Performance: Recent Evidence”

On May 18 Manuel Santos, Professor of Economy at the School of Business at the University of Miami delivered the research seminar entitled:

“Long Term Asset Price Volatility and Macroeconomic Fluctuations”

On June 16 Edward Maydew, Accounting Professor at University of North Carolina, delivered the research seminar entitled:

“The Information Content of Annual Earnings Announcements and Mandatory Adoption of IFRS”

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