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Submission deadline dates are December 5th 2008 for abstracts (between 100 and 200 words long), and January 12th 2009 for accepted papers. An amended Call for Papers is available on the web. The new EMMA Best Paper prize will be awarded to the paper that makes the most significant contribution in Media Management. In addition, the best papers from the Conference will be published in the International Journal of media management.

The 9th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Business will be celebrated in Honolulu, Hawaii, on June 12-15, 2009. Academicians and professionals from business related fields attending the Conference will have the opportunity to interact with members inside and outside their own particular disciplines. MoreMore

The Call for Proposals for Questionnaire Design Teams (QDT) for Round 5 of the ESS has just published its application deadline, February 6, 2009.  Although early applications are being accepted, the selection of teams will be subject to confirmed funding for Round 5 of the ESS. Applications for both “new” rotating modules and “repeats” of rotating modules are being accepted. More details on the Call for Proposals, guidance notes or application forms are available on the web.

As part of the collaboration agreement with ICEX for composing case studies and articles on the internationalization of Spanish companies, a refereed national online magazine with its own ISBN has been established, and will publish the articles received and evaluated. Articles must be 2,500 words long approximately, and the bi-annual magazine will publish between 8 and 10 articles in each issue. MoreMore

Pablo Tejedo, professor of Biology at IE University, has just received  confirmation that his article “Soil Trampling in an Antarctic Specially Protected Area: Tools to Assess Levels of Human Impact” Antarctic Science, has been accepted.


Jesús Antonio Gómez, from the School of Biology, has published along with Ignacio Luque, Maria Loreto Riera-Alberola and Alfonso Andujar the article “Intraphylum Diversity and Complex Evolution of Cyanobacterial AminoacyltRNA Synthetases” in Molecular Biology and Evolution 25 (11):2369-2389 

Professor Virginia Galván, from the School of Architecture, along with Asunción de los Ríos, Beatriz Cámara, Mª Ángeles García del Cura, Víctor J. Rico y Carmen Ascaso have published the article “Deteriorating Effects of Lichen and Microbial Colonization of Carbonate Building Rocks in the Romanesque Churches of Segovia (Spain)” in Science of the Total Environment.



Professor Concepción Diez-Pastor Iribas, from the School of Architecture, has been named “peer reviewer” for Episteme magazine, published Newcastle University (Great Britain).

Concepción has also participated in the “International Conference for Image and Appearance”, with the following presentation: The Modern Notion of Household. She also presented, along with Margarita Arroba, From Ritual Illumination to Background Illumination.


The IE Working Paper entitled “Information Technology as Knowledge Management Enabler in Product Development. An Empirical Evidence” by Revilla, E.: Prieto, I.M. and Rodriguez-Prado, B. has recently been registered in the SSRN Top Ten download list.

Gregory Truman, professor of Information Systems and Technologies and Raquel Benbunan-Fich (Baruch College, New York City) have a paper titled “Multitasking With Laptops During Meetings” forthcoming in Communications of ACM


Francisco López Lubián has recently published the following articles:

“Private Equity”. Estrategia Financiera, n 255. November, 2008. Pages 46-53.

“Hedge Funds: a New Revolution in Investment Management”. Estrategia Financiera, n. 254. October, 2008. Pages 48-58.

“Investment in Prime Materials, a New Type of Assets”. Financial Strategy, n. 253. September, 2008. Pages 12-18. MoreMore

The article “The Moderating Effects of Psychological Detachment and Thoughts of Revenge in Workplace Bullying” by Moreno-Jimenez, B.; Rodríguez-Muñoz, A.; Pastor, J.C.; and Ana I. Sanz (Adjunct Professor at School of Psychology)  has been accepted for publication in Personality and Individual Differences.

Professor Javier Ignacio García, from the School of Communication, has recently participated in the “Third International Conference on Security and Defense” with the following presentation The Battle Groups of the European Union: An Appropriate Instrument for Dealing with the Crisis?.

On November 28th, the IE Business School hosted the Third Meeting of Communications Professionals and Scientists. Professor Ibrahim Al Marashi delivered the following presentation Iran’s Media Arena: Communicating Reform, Regime Change, and Freedom of Speech in the Islamic Republic.

On December 1st, Félix Cuesta, Associate Professor in the Marketing Department, participated in the Annual Nobel Economics Prize Meeting, with the following presentation: Business Transformation to Overcome the Crisis.

On November 19th, professor Ana Martín , from the School of Communications, participated in the 1st International Conference on Image and Appearance” with the following presentation: The Representation of Emotions in Today’s Portrait”.

Ana Martín also presented: The Fashion Photography Genre at the Museo del Traje in Madrid, as part of the course “Photography and Fashion” which will be held from November 18th to December 5th.

On Wednesday November 19th, the first cross-border Research Seminar between IE and Bentley University was celebrated and broadcasted via videoconference.  After,  Gayle Allard, Vice-Chancellor of Research at IE, opened session, Professor Roy Arthur Wiggins from the Finance Department at Bentley presented his research piece “CEO Tenure and Board-of-Director Monitoring”. Participants, present both in Boston and in Madrid, were able to participate in the seminar during the time it was taking place.

Eliezer Fich, Professor of Finance at the Drexel University LeBow College of Business (Philadelphia, US) presented on November 21 the Research Seminar entitled:

“CEO Deal-Making Activity, CEO Compensation and Firm Value”


Raquel Benbunan-Fich, Associate Professor of Information Systems at the Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, City University of New York, presented on November 26 the Research Seminar entitled:

“Exploring Contributions of Public Resources in social Bookmarking Systems”


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