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E-Newsletter 21 - 07/04/2011

Dear fellow researcher,

This is the first newsletter after the completion of our annual internal research evaluation exercise for the Business School. So I will take this opportunity to comment on the results of this process. Indeed we have many reasons to be satisfied. All the indicators of research productivity have experienced a substantial increase with respect to the last round of evaluation.

During this period, our faculty has published almost 20 articles in the prestigious list of academic journals redacted by the Financial Times. This represents a major increase (+85%) and it is the main reason why, during the last year, we have been able to move up about 20 places in the global research ranking of business schools. For the first time we are the top business school in Spain in terms of research. We are also among the leading positions of the group of schools ready to enter the selected club of schools that are world leaders both in terms of teaching and research (cf. Figure 1). I am confident that we will be able to get there in the near future. (Click on graph to enlarge)

Figure 1. Our standing among the top business schools


This confidence is based on the fact that the overall number of publications in the list of journals considered to be of high priority by our school (Top IE journals) is also growing rapidly (+45%), together with the number of papers presented to international refereed conferences (+102%). A vast pipeline of high quality research papers exists in our business school, a good proportion of which will eventually be published in top academic journals.

Our relevant standing as a business school in terms of research is also supported by the 78 (+77%) seats in the editorial boards of academic journals occupied by IE Business School academics and by the 144 (+26%) review reports redacted by our faculty.

But most of all, my optimism about the future of IE Business School in terms of research is fostered by the daily observation of the active and stimulating research environment that you all contribute to create. Research seminars, interdisciplinary research projects, international research conferences, competitive research proposals, brownbag seminars, books projects, research trips…we have so many initiatives going on that it is difficult to keep track of all of them! And behind each one of these initiatives there is a group of top rate academics that share the common objective of pushing the boundaries of management knowledge as further as possible.

The results already obtained give us the confidence to raise our standards for research evaluation within our institution. In order to grow we need to face new challenges. Once these more demanding targets will be accomplished (and I am sure they will be!), we will share the great satisfaction of having contributed to the making of IE Business School one of the top research schools in the world.

Once again I want to thank all the people in the research office for their excellent work in supporting the research evaluation exercise and more generally for their dedication to the task of making research projects possible.

Best wishes,

Marco  Trombetta

Vice-Dean of Research



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